Thursday, July 29, 2010

Silent Home

I never knew the house could be so quiet. I found it pretty disconcerting.

I hardly notice how loud everything is until it stops. Earlier this morning the house blared with the sounds of the TV, You Tube videos, and petty squabbling. My sister, brother and I were responsible for all of the racket. I suppose I've always been more comfortable amid noise, partly because my mother loved to mix work with music or TV, and partly because I grew up with five siblings who were always very outspoken about one thing or another.

Even though I've since moved to a new home, things have not changed that much. My sister, brother, and I still argue over the smallest things. This morning's battle was over computer time. We all share my sister's laptop, so things can get a little tight.

When my sister left for her afternoon shift, and my brother went out to go swimming, I thought I would be thrilled to have the house to myself. Not so. Maybe in order to have fun, I needed to share it with someone. Or maybe it just wasn't as fun without anyone to be jealous of me.