Thursday, August 30, 2012

Undercover Food Critic

A few friends and I discussed over lunch one day how we should pretend to be food critics with clipboards in tow, just for a lark. We could just act the part and not actually say that we are food critics. I bet we would get better service and it would be a lot of fun in the process. A real win-win situation.

Until we find a time to get together, I decided to have a little foodie adventure on my own.

Instead of running into the Jack-in-the-Box after my morning class, I stepped into a little Greek deli/cafe. I had absolutely no idea what to expect, except that I had heard that gyros were similar to schwarmas, and that was what I really wanted for lunch.

As my eyes adjusted to being inside, I discovered I had walked through the side door, and all of the customers at the tables were blinking at me. I was so clearly a newbie to this place. Since no one came up to greet me, I made my way to the back of the deli, where an old Greek man sat behind the counter. I stood idly for a few minutes, trying in vain to read the lunch options on the whiteboards, but it was all Greek to me (sorry I couldn't resist). Finally a young waiter handed me a menu and asked me what drink I'd like. Then the old Greek guy called to me. It was my turn to order.

I already knew I wanted a regular Gyro with all the beef and lamb and goodness, so that's what I ordered. In a thick accent, the Greek man said "Hero?" I said, yes, I'll be eating here, not to go. He said "What did you want?" I answered him with a puzzled face, I want the first sandwich on the menu, the Gyro. Again he said "Hero?" At this moment my face flushed a bright red (well, it felt red, for all I know it could have flushed green), Oh I'm pronouncing it wrong, I said. I'm so sorry. Hero, hero, I said aloud to erase the times I said gyro (like gyroscope). The Greek man just smiled broadly and continued filling out my ticket.

At my table I got a good look at my surroundings. Gorgeous bright blue colors were everwhere. Magic carpet canapies lay draped under the florescent lights. A huge seaside mural faced me, and took me to a little spot in Greece. Behind me, there were shelves and shelves of wines and whole foods and spices.

Almost a proper panoramic

The lamb and beef gyro was very savory. The yoghurt had just enough punch in the seasoning to complement the sandwich. As a side you can order fries, a salad, rice or one other thing I can't remember. I ordered the rice, which came mixed with shredded carrots. A wonderful combination with the gyro.

After eating, I wanted to complete my tour of the Greek Deli with a look into the restroom. Honestly, I was disappointed. It was clean enough, but it lacked a cohesiveness with the dining room. I think the restrooms are the best place to hang themed decorations that might not be classy enough for the dining room. I think a blue and white paint job with some cheesy Greek knick-knacks would have been perfect. Instead, the bathroom was a dull mauve color with a framed picture of teddy bears.

Other than that small detail, I loved this place and would go again. Next time I would go with someone, as this is apparently not a place at which you eat alone. The young waiter asked in a surprised tone if I was eating alone, and even looked behind me for my phantom date. Then I noticed everyone else came in to eat with at least one friend.

Here's a picture of their place. If you can't tell where it is and would like to eat there, leave me a comment, and I'll let you know.

Hipster Moment of the Day #1

Today I had a hipster moment. Before you skip to the next blog post, let me explain. I like some words, phrases, bands, and trivia that most people don't care to know. And that's okay. Growing up in Africa, I wasn't aware there was a label for being different. Apparently I was a hipster before I even heard of it.

Probably before you heard of it too...Just saying....

Annnnyywayyy... From time to time I will say stuff that is so obviously hipster-ish (sp?) to my boyfriend and everybody else except me, that I laugh at myself as soon as I realize it. When this happens, I'll find a meme to share the moment or just make one myself...

Because reposting memes is too mainstream... Okay I'm finished. 

Without further ado... here is my hipster moment of the day.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First Day Fashion

Since seeing this funny photo I wanted to put my best fashion foot forward on my first day of class. I absolutely love the trends that I've been reading in the InStyle mag. Each of the details that I point out in my outfit were inspired by the new fads of Fall. To begin with, I went for a black and gold theme. I am not usually a fan of gold, but I wanted to try something new.

This is the first time I've worn a dress to class. I went with black sandals rather than heels to make it a little more casual.


          Both the cat and I are posing with our backs to the camera.

I love this pattern, because this season they are wearing leaves instead of flowers.

Now for the gold portion of this black and gold theme. I went with small accessories for daytime. I matched gold hoops with a tri-heart ring and a gold-colored teacher bracelet that has different charms (apple, schoolhouse, pencil, etc).

I waited to do my makeup until right before class. I smoothed my hair into a low side-part ponytail pulled slightly to the side, a style that can be both casual and classy. I kept my makeup simple. After applying foundation, I chose a stand-out red shade of lipstick (Loreal, Real Red #301). It is a truer red in person than it shows in this photo. I would have added mascara, but since I could not find mine, I went without. Always be thoughtful when choosing to accentuate either the eyes or the lips. The rule of thumb is to pick one to put on display. For a fun night out, one can always experiment, but for class, I decided to play it safe.

Have any new Fall looks inspired you to try something new?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Bit of a Fright

I usually like to make plans and then do something completely different so that I can feel prepared and spontaneous at the same time. It's not quite as fun when my plans try to change all on their own.

I bought my textbooks online weeks ago, like a good girl, to ensure their arrival before the first day of class (August 27th). So this afternoon I drove to my university, hoping my books would be there waiting for me. The bookstore clerk was very obliging, and promptly handed me my textbooks. I counted them in their mailing bag, yep, 5 books. Then, unable to wait until I got home, I eagerly unwrapped my books like early Christmas presents. Every one of them seemed to be welcoming me and promising to be helpful even later in my teaching career.

I started walking towards the exit, sighing contentedly and with relief at being so ready for my classes before the first day. Then an Anthropology bulletin board caught my eye. Approaching me with a friendly look in her eyes was an elderly lady. "Are you an Anthropology major?" she wanted to know. I told her my brother was the Anthropology major and that I was studying education for elementary students. "Oh I'm the head of that board." she replied, "What classes are you taking?" Then her forehead furrowed as she saw my class schedule.

"You're not supposed to be taking that class."

To which I responded with my classic wide-eyed doe-in-the-headlights look. I was sure I had the right classes. They were all prescribed by my adviser. How could he get it wrong? I can return my books, but what classes would be open now? Stunned panic.

"This class is only for specialists in grades 4-8." she continued "No this is not right at all. So what you have to do is go to the School of Education and make them sort it all out."

"Are you sure it's not right?" I asked timidly. She blinked at me. "Well unless you're some kind of specialist."

"I'm an EC-6 Generalist with a Concentration in Reading" I said, carefully measuring my words.

"Oh, okay, well in that case you're fine. Sorry for the scare. Good luck, bye-bye."

Thanks for the mini heart attack.

Despite that little hiccough, I am all set for the new semester, textbooks and all.

In honor of all these shiny new books, lets play a little game: 

Question: What's the difference between these two books?

No cheating and looking down...

Answer: One is a textbook and one is a fashion magazine! 652 WHOLE PAGES OF FALL FASHION!! Squee! You don't even know how excited I am to tear into this mag!

With these textbooks (and fashion instructional aide), this Fall should be the best semester yet.