Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hipster Moment of the Day #1

Today I had a hipster moment. Before you skip to the next blog post, let me explain. I like some words, phrases, bands, and trivia that most people don't care to know. And that's okay. Growing up in Africa, I wasn't aware there was a label for being different. Apparently I was a hipster before I even heard of it.

Probably before you heard of it too...Just saying....

Annnnyywayyy... From time to time I will say stuff that is so obviously hipster-ish (sp?) to my boyfriend and everybody else except me, that I laugh at myself as soon as I realize it. When this happens, I'll find a meme to share the moment or just make one myself...

Because reposting memes is too mainstream... Okay I'm finished. 

Without further ado... here is my hipster moment of the day.


  1. I love the mainstream because hating the mainstream is too mainstream :P

  2. I'll try to remember this new thing. This old grandma is trying to keep up with her grandchildren!! E>


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